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Just some photos of PCC cars
from The Hague (The Netherlands)
by Henk and Hendrik Ploeger

PCC 1017 was the first to be scrapped, after an accident with a truck. Frans Halsstraat Depot, february 1981
The end for PCC 1012. Scheveningen depot, august 4th 1981.
PCC 1006 and 1022: last month in service. Turfmarkt, september 22th 1981.
The last journey for 1023. PCC 1006 tows the dead 1023 to Scheveningen depot, Harstenhoekweg. September 30th 1981.
Farewell 1006
Farewell Tour for the 1003-1024.
PCC 1006 Stationsweg. October 10th 1981.
Farewell 1024
Farewell Tour.
PCC 1024 Stuyvesantplein. October 10th 1981
cleaning 1006
After the farewell tour PCC 1006 was stored.
In december 1982 he gets a good cleaning before a fan tour.
Frans Halsstraat depot, december 22th 1982.
Fan tour with PCC 1006. Vogelkersstraat. December 22th 1982.
interior 1006
They enjoy the ride. PCC 1006. December 22th 1982.
1006 on truck
PCC 1006 leaves The Hague. Back to Belgium! August 15th 1983
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